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EWFA 2020 Annual Membership Meeting, Munich

EWFA held successfully its third Annual Membership Meeting on 23rd January 2020 in Munich. During this one-day event, EWFA members were delighted to attend presentations from peer organisations such as its long-term partner ETO (European Tuning Organisation), CLEPA (European Association of Automotive Suppliers), GEWA (General Wrapping Association) or E1 Energiemanagement.

Presentations for the Architecture session included energy performance of building and energy savings for retrofit solutions, while presentations from the Automotive session focused on the future of mobility and automotive parts, European principles of mutual recognition or

EWFA Representative, Ms. Stéphanie Priou, also presented EWFA’s activities, achievements and results for 2019 and the proposed strategic plan for 2020. Indeed, the most noticeable results for 2019 were probably the awareness brought to the window film sector in Europe, with EWFA’s presence in various specialized events (SEMA, FESPA), creating alliances with peer organisations from the architectural sector, or supporting national authorities for decisions on window films for the automotive sector. EWFA is also monitoring closely standardization efforts for window films at European level and participating in these long-term discussions at CEN side.

Plans for 2020 are to continue efforts for the architectural and automotive worlds. Increased presence will be needed at European level for supporting the creation of window film standards. EWFA will also try and integrate its newly covered territories (Turkey, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and Moldavia), while continuing to position as a reference organisation for knowledge on window films.


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