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2020 IWFA National Window Film Day

EWFA supports the 2020 National Window Film Day, an initiative from IWFA (International Window Film Association).

More information (and downloads) for the 2020 National Window Film Day on the IWFA Website!

National Window Film Day (NWFD) – is always set for April 30. Mark your calendar for this year and years going forward.

The day was initiated by the International Window Film Association (IWFA) to offer a focal point for window film professionals to bring more awareness about the many benefits of window films in their markets. The IWFA has created marketing materials that can used locally and customized.

Dealers, Distributors and manufacturers may want to create their own programs around NWFD to help bring more awareness of their business. For example some businesses have offered discounts, you may want to offer free installation for a local charity group and publicize the effort, or hold an open house at your shop. The sky is the limit for local ideas that can be added into the basic marketing program.

In addition, the IWFA engages a communications firm to bring awareness of NWFD on a state, regional and national level.

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