Window Film protects wines from overheating in Whalley Wine Shop – 17 July 2013

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Raquel Ponte Costa
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0032 2 761 16 55
Release Date: 
17 July 2013

Window Film can reduce the amount of solar energy directly entering buildings or homes to more comfortable levels, supporting the well-being of their contents and occupants. This functionality is important in a wide range of situations, helping to optimise worker performance, reducing the need to use air conditioning systems, and improving thermal comfort,

This case study shows the example of the UK Whalley Wine Shop, where spectrally-select Window Film was installed onto all large windows in order to protect the contents, through rejecting large levels of solar heat. With wines heating up so much that corks were popping off, the shop owners had needed a solution that would be cost-effective as well as aesthetically functional. 

Window Film technology reduced the costs of damaged stock while preserving visibility into the shop interior, explains Jim Ford, EWFA Board Member and International Sales Manager at Madico Window Films: "the owners of the Whalley Wine Shop were able to better protect their stock of over 1,000 different wines through the installation of spectrally-select Window Film. The heat coming through the shop’s windows was reduced and a clear view through the windows was maintained; ticking all boxes for the situation". 

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