Window Film Participates in the League of Green Embassies Initiative - 13 April 2012

Contact Name: 
Raquel Ponte Costa
Release Date: 
13 April 2012

Window film is one of the product technologies participating in the renovation campaign taking place in the US embassy in Brussels, Belgium, as part of the League of Green Embassies initiative.  

The League of Green Embassies was established in 2007 by Michael M. Wood, former U.S. Ambassador to Sweden. The initiative, gathering over 80 US diplomatic missions, aims to promote energy efficiency, renewable energy and water conservation among US embassies.
Since 2010, the League is led by the U.S. Embassy in Helsinki and Ambassador Bruce J. Oreck. On the enclosed link you can see Dave Cox, EWFA President, being interviewed by Ambassador Oreck about window film capabilities and uses. 3M is one of partners of the this initiative and has installed windown film in the US Embassy in Brussels, Belgium. Dave Cox stated: "it has been a real pleasure working with Ambassador Oreck and his team at the League of Green Embassies as they promote a range of energy saving technologies by upgrading the energy efficiency in what has turned out to be nine of their Embassy Residences across Europe. They have really understood what Window Films can do and the associated publicity, both in each local country and through their partnership with the Alliance to Save Energy, will further raise the profile of our industry which is something that the EWFA is working towards every day".
For more information about the League of Green Embassies Initiative, please click here to visit the official website.