Improving the security and safety of world renowned venues – the case of the Royal Albert Hall - 4 Feb 2013

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Raquel Ponte Costa
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0032 2 761 16 55
Release Date: 
4 February 2013

Being a world famous venue for concerts and one of the UK's most treasured and distinctive buildings, London’s Royal Albert Hall takes security and safety as a top priority. With such an international reputation and high visibility, its staff cannot afford to ignore the threat of potential terrorist attacks. 

This case study shows how specialist safety and security window film has been used by the Royal Albert Hall to protect the venue’s internal and external glass. In 2010, safety and security window film was installed onto the venue’s 188 windows,increasing the resistance of the glazing to explosions. In the event of an explosion or other impact, the installed film will help to hold the broken glass pieces together, reducing the risk of damage or injury from shattered glass. As well as these improved security benefits, the window film has impressed staff of the Hall with its easy installation, low maintenance and long-life time.

Safety and security window film is an effective tool to improve the resistance of a building or vehicle window’s glass against shattering from explosive, bullet or repeated impact attack. Safety and security window film also contributes to increased privacy for vehicles, offices, houses and other buildings and in many cases can improve their interior and exterior appearance.

Peter Staelens, vice-president of EWFA and EMEA Regional Manager for Solar Gard brand, commented that “this case study demonstrates how window film can improve the safety and security of existing windows while not intruding on day-to-day operations of the building”.

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