EWFA Participates in the Eco-labelling Discussions - 23 Jan 2012

Contact Name: 
Raquel Ponte Costa
Contact Phone: 
+32 2 761 16 55
Release Date: 
23 January 2012


The EWFA is involved in the discussions on green public procurement (GPP) and eco-label for office buildings. These issues are driven by the Joint Research Centre which is the research arm of the European Commission. Although both topics are linked, a clear distinction in scope and objectives still needs to be made. Among other points, the eco-label criteria are expected to be more stringent than the criteria for GPP since the purpose is that the label should only be awarded to the office buildings which are considered best in class i.e. the top 20%.

Both topics are currently in the process of being drafted. Several stakeholder consultations have already taken place in which EWFA participated. Due to the horizontal nature of the discussions and the wide variety of issues linked to it – all environment related aspects of public buildings – the process is slow and time consuming. EWFA continues to monitor the developments.

For more information visit the dedicated website of the Joint Researh Centre