David Cox speaks about solar control strategies at the Energy Forum in Italy - 17 Dec 2012

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Raquel Ponte Costa
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0032 2 761 16 55
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17 December 2012

On 6th December, EWFA President David Cox presented on “Window film as a solar control strategy” at the 2012 Italian Energy Forum on Solar Building Skins which took place at Breassanone. The conference looked to explore strategies for saving energy in buildings, and presented several new ways of integrating renewable energy technologies into multifunctional building elements to achieve affordable net-zero and green buildings.
David Cox’s presentation listed the solar control properties of window film, and explained how they could be employed to improve energy efficiency in buildings. His analysis was supported by three case studies demonstrating the effectiveness of solar control window film in lowering overall energy consumption, improving thermal comfort, and reducing lighting and glare levels. Following the conference, EWFA President was very satisfied with the outcome of the event: "The Energy Forum was very well attended with around 200 people all connected in many ways with energy performance of building facades. New technologies, new applications and plenty of high level discussions around the issue of saving energy in buildings, meant that we were able to raise the awareness of Window Films with an influential audience and continue to drive one of our key objectives."

For more information about the event, please visit the official website.

David Cox's presentation is available here.


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