Clinic in Sofia installs Window Film to improve aesthetics and ensure privacy - 23 Feb 2015

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Raquel Ponte Costa
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+32 2 761 16 55
Release Date: 
23 February 2015

An automotive showroom was converted into a city clinic building in Sofia, Bulgaria. Window Film was one the technologies used in the process. 

This case study shows how Window Film can enhance the aesthetics and privacy while at the same time contribute to a lower energy consumption of buildings. The cardiac clinic was provided with the desired modern look and all the internal partitions were concealed from view. The installation of Window Film allowed the building’s occupants to keep a view to the outside and to enjoy the natural light coming in via the building’s windows. 

Peter Gal, EWFA Board Member and General Manager within LLumar Southeast European Distribution commented that “once again Window Film proved to be among the best technology to make the city clinic in Sofia a better healthcare facility. Window Film is a versatile technology which can help improve the energy efficiency of buildings as well as the aesthetics without compromising the view to the outside.” 

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