Window film is a self-adhesive transparent thin film that is applied to glass and glazing systems of existing buildings to modify and enhance the properties of the glass (or plastic) without changing the window or building structure. Window film can absorb and reflect up to 80% of the heat coming from outside, producing quantifiable energy savings from cooling systems or alternatively reduce heat loss from the building through the glazing system. Window film can be used on virtually any glazing type, complementing and enhancing the solar performance control of the glass.


There are often misconceptions about window film which are associated to a dark or mirrored-tint on vehicles and buildings. By going through this website, you will realise that this technology is much more than that. 


Window film provides cost-effective solutions for a better life. High technology manufacturing processes allows window film to be used on various glazing systems to enhance the everyday working and living environment. Window film is made up of up to 230 different layers which contribute to their advanced properties, making them highly durable quality products.