About Us

Established in 2000 by major window film manufacturers, the European Window Film Association represents and seeks to further the interests of the window film industry. It brings together manufacturers and distributors with the purpose of promoting window film products in the EU and highlighting their innovative performances and properties as well as introducing the concept of EU harmonised or EU endorsed window film standards as no such standard presently exists in the European Union.

During its initial years, EWFA focused its activities on automotive legislation in Europe. In many countries, the use of window film in vehicles was simply not allowed or subject to difficult approval processes. EWFA has done extensive lobbying at a national level to change this and very positive results have been achieved in the vast majority of the cases. Another objective of EWFA was to work with the European Committee for Standardization – CEN – to have a product standard for window film in place. This work is very close to an end, since two standards are now in the final stage of approval. Once in force, these will be the first product standards for window film anywhere in the world.Since its creation, EWFA has grown in size and scope. We have created relationships with other like-minded associations in the world and are in close contact with main stakeholders and decision makers in Brussels. Our objectives are to continue to reach and influence a wider audience, increasing the awareness of what and how window film can improve the environment and how people work and live around windows.